A. 'Surprise Me’ CAKE. Let us choose for you.

A. 'Surprise Me’ CAKE. Let us choose for you.

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The 'Surprise Me' is for customers who aren't fussed on the design of their dog cake. Let us surprise you!

You could get a round cake, a bone shaped cake, a white cake or a brown cake! 

Rest assured, you'll receive a dog cake that is popular and drool-worthy! 


We’d love to see a pic of your dog enjoying their cake! Don’t forget to tag us!
Instagram: @dogcakes
Facebook: @dogcakesaustralia


Things to note:

  • We can usually fit 4-5 words onto our round cakes, and 3-4 words onto our bone shaped cakes. Tell us what you'd like written on your cake at the checkout. 
  • Cakes are designed to be eaten within 24 hours.
  • Keep cakes refrigerated before use. 
  • Recommended serving size: one or two slices.
  • Your cake will freeze well, although some decorations may fall away as the cake thaws. 


What’s in The Surprise Me?

Cake Mix: Peanut butter & carob flavour 

Icing: Cream cheese & natural yoghurt OR peanut butter icing

Decorations: Devon ham OR cheese

Ingredients: Flour, free range eggs, peanut butter, blackstrap molasses, canola oil, organic carob powder, bicarb soda. Toppings may include cream cheese, natural yoghurt, devon ham OR peanut butter, cheese.

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